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Hairise modular belt conveyor systems

High strength and high load capacity design/Standardized delivery design/Good stability


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  • Longer service life: More than 10 times' longer life time compared with traditional conveyor belt, and  maintenance free feature, bringing large wealth tu you;

  • Food approved: Food approved materials available, can touch food directly, easy to clean;

  • Big load capability: the maximum load capacity can up to 1.2tons/square meter.

  • Perfect application in environment with temperature range from -40 to 260 celsius degree: Freezing and drying.


  • Food Industry: Meat (beef & pork), Poultry, Sea Food, Bakery, Snack Food (pretzels, potato chips, tortilla chips), Fruit & vegetables.

  • Non-food Industry: Automotive, Tire manufacturing, Packaging, Printing/Paper, Postal, Corrugates cardboard, Can manufacturing, PET manufacturing and Textile.